Network Mapping Utility Available For OS X

Dartware has released their visual network mapping utility, InterMapper, for OS X. InterMapper for OS X 3.1a2 allows users to get a clear and accurate visualization of a network, and all connected components. According to Dartware:

Mapper is a network monitoring and alerting application. It watches the servers, routers, WAN links, UPSis, and other equipment on your network and alerts when problems occur via audible alerts, e-mail, pages, or running scripts. InterMapper has been shipping as a Classic MacOS application since 1996.

Dartware has created a version of InterMapper to run on MacOS X. We have retained essentially all the functions of the previous Classic version. InterMapper 3.1a2 dated 20 March 2001 is now available. This software requires a Macintosh computer running either the released MacOS X or the Public Beta version from last fall.

Pricing for InterMappter begins at US$295. You can find more information at the Dartware Web site.