Network Monitor Update From Dartware

Dartware, LLC has released an update for InterMapper , bringing it to version 3.6. InterMapper is a network monitor designed for the checking and alerting of network service levels. The update has new features including persistent chart data and response time measurements. According to Dartware:

Dartware LLC announces the immediate availability of the final version of its InterMapper 3.6 network monitoring and alerting software.

InterMapper is a MacOS X and Classic application that monitors the servers, routers, switches and other devices on a network as well as the local and wide area links that connect them, and can notify the network manager about problems via audible alerts, e-mail, pages, and cell-phone messages.

New InterMapper 3.6 features include:

  • Background Images for Maps
  • Response Time Measurements
  • SNMPv2c and 64-bit Counters
  • Persistent Chart Data
  • Outages Window
  • Multiple Log Files
  • New Probes

You can find more information about InterMapper at the Dartware Web site. InterMapper 3.6 is available starting at US$295.00.