Network Visualization Tool Nears Completion

Dartware has updated their network visualization and maintenance too, InterMapper, to version 3.01b5. This version is expected to be the last beta version before a "finished" product is released. The lastest update includes support for Appleis Navigation Services along with a number of other improvements. According to Dartware:

InterMapper 3.0 is a network monitoring and alerting program that watches over the network and the servers connected to it, and notifies the network manager when there are problems.

InterMapper 3.0.1b5, a near-final public beta test version is available. It contains few features plus a number of minor bug fixes.

The changes include:

  • Changed iOpeni and iSavei dialogs to use Navigation Services, if available.
  • InterMapper can now listen for SNMP traps on an alternate, user-configurable UDP port in addition to port 162.
  • The format popup menu has been removed from the "Save as" dialog and the "PICT File" and "EtherPeek[trademark] Name Table" options have been moved to their own "Export" submenu in the File menu.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Pricing for InterMapper ranges from US$299 for a ten device network to US$1995 for support for unlimited devices. You can find more information at the InterMapper web site.