Never Forget How Many Days To Go Again

Beyond Midnight Software has updated their simple reminder application, Days To Go, to version 2.1.3. Days To Go can display the number of days to a scheduled event in a window or each time the computer is restarted. According to Beyond Midnight Software:

Beyond Midnight Software today announced the release of version 2.1.3 of Days To Go, its simple reminder program for Macintosh computers.

Days To Go is a reminder program which is easy to use. Past or future dates can be entered, along with a message to be displayed. Each time the computer is restarted, Days To Go will display the number of days since, or remaining to, the entered dates on the screen. Alternatively the day count and messages can be displayed in a window on the desktop, allowing them to be viewed at all times.

Additional flexibility is provided with the recurring option -- dates can be set to recur monthly (eg: repayments) or yearly (eg: birthdays, anniversaries, etc). Entries can be automatically deleted once they have passed, and the font, font size, font style, text alignment and colours used to display the messages can all be set.

What is new in Days To Go 2.1.3?
A new application has been included with Days To Go which will display the dates and messages in a window on the screen. The program is small enough that it can be opened when the computer is started, and left open in the background.

Days To Go is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Beyond Midnight Software Web site.