New 12x FireWire CD-RW Drive Available

Fantom Drives has announced the availability of a new line of high speed FireWire CD-Recorder drives. The hightlight is the new 12x10x32 TEAC CD-ReWritable drive, offering blistering recording speeds and the promise of FireWire driven data transfer rates. According to Fantom Drives:


Fantom Drives today expanded its high-speed FireWire(tm) CD-Recorder product line today with the addition of a new 12x10x32 TEAC CD-ReWritable drive. Both fast and affordable, the new 12x drive is designed for use on FireWire-capable Macintosh and Windows computer platforms.

The new Fantom Drives FireWire(tm) 12x10x32 CD-ReWritable couples the unbeatable ease of use features of FireWire(tm) with a new mechanism from industry veteran TEAC. Able to write an entire CD-R disc in just over six minutes and rewritable media in just over seven minutes, the new 12x Teac drive is the ideal tool for today?s fast paced productivity environments.

?TEAC is pleased that Fantom selected our 12x10x32 CD-RW drive,? said Randy Madey, TEAC CD-RW Sales Manager. ?TEAC has the fastest access time of 85ms and the true recording speed of our mechanism outperforms other 12x drives. Performance is the primary reason system integrators select TEAC CD-RW drives for their product lines,?

The high-speed 12x10x32 drive provides both professionals and power-users with the ideal solution for advanced CD-recording applications such as copying CDs, archiving small and large data files, or creating multimedia productions. By making efficient use of FireWire(tm)is bandwidth advantages, the drive is capable of high-speed recording at speeds of up to 3-times that of the fastest USB recorders.

The 12x10x32 FireWire CD-ReWritable (TEAC) drive is available for US$449. You can find more information at the Fantom Drives web site.