New 4D/WebSTAR Plug-ins Released

Sophisticated Circuits has released two new plug-ins for the popular server application 4D/WebSTAR. The plug-ins allow users to integrate 4D/WebSTAR servers with Sophisticated Circuits management and recovery utilities, Kick-off!, Rebound! and PowerKey Pro. According to Sophisticated Circuits:

At 4D/WebSTAR Summit 2000 -- Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. today announced new plug-ins for 4th Dimension and WebSTAR, which make it even easier for developers and administrators to integrate Kick-off! support directly into their mission-critical applications.

Sophisticated Circuits, Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of this weekis 4D and WebSTAR Summit Conferences, and to show its continuing support for these pillars of the Macintosh development community. Company representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate and offer special conference pricing on Kick-off!, its newest auto-recovery product for USB Macs.

Kick-off! is a hardware/software solution, which continuously monitors unattended computers for problems, and automatically relaunches failed applications, cleanly restarts the system, or hard reboots the computer, as necessary, and also includes powerful logging & remote notification capabilities.

Kick-off! detects application crashes using a unique, two-level approach

Automatic monitoring and Application Watchdog Timer monitoring. Automatic monitoring intercepts any application crash that typically results in the "Application Unexpectedly Quit" error message. Application Watchdog Timer monitoring goes further, using patent-pending "AppTimers" to detect additional error conditions which can cause an application to fail without actually quitting. This requires that developers add a few simple calls to their programs to let Kick-off! monitor their internal workings. The new 4D plug-in makes it easy for 4D developers to add this support within their custom applications, and the new W*API plug-in provides this support to any WebSTAR API-compatible application. Beta versions of both plug-ins are available at

You can find more information at the Sophisticated Circuits web site.