New AOL Client Available For OS X

America Online has released a new beta version of their AOL software for Mac OS X, AOL for OS X 6c. The new version of the AOL client includes a host of bug fixes while also providing OS X users a number of new features over previous beta versions. Like other version, AOL for OS X 6c is only available to AOL users via Keyword: Beta. According to AOL:

A new build of the AOL for Mac OS X software is now available at Keyword: Beta. The AOL for OS X 6c software not only addresses many of the issues in the current AOL for OS X 5d software, it also includes enhancements to the dialer. Please be sure to read the Known Issues for more details on what was changed and fixed.

Stop by Keyword: Beta and download your copy of the new build of the AOL for Mac OS X software today. As always, let us know what you find. Two areas of testing we are especially interested in hearing about are the new dial-up connectivity and the TCP tunnel connection. If you have any difficulties dialing into the AOL service (other than the Mac OS X issues of the modem dialing silently and modem not working well on Dual G4 systems), or if you connect via TCP and fail to get a "full" connection, be sure to let us know and provide as much information about your configuration as possible.

Please use this new revision of the AOL software as much as possible. Weire very close to having a final version, and we need as much testing as you can provide.

Those OS X users looking for the latest version of AOL should visit the Beta area by typing Keyword: Beta. You can find more general information at the AOL Web site.