New Analog To Digital Video Converter Available

Miglia has released a new digital to analog video converter, Miglia Directoris Cut. The new converter allows users to take advantage of the ultra-fast speeds of their FireWire ports to convert digital movies for recording on an analog device. Directoris Cut is fully compatible with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobeis Premiere. According to Miglia:

Miglia Technology Limited today announced that it is shipping a PAL/NTSC analogue to digital video (and reverse) converter, Miglia Director?s Cut.

Miglia Directoris Cut enables users of video editing applications (not included) to edit their analogue video archives together with their new digital video footage on their FireWire enabled computer to create their masterpiece.

Miglia Directoris Cut requires no drivers and works seamlessly on both Windows, Mac OS and any other platform that has a FireWire based video editing solution. The system simply sees a DV camera and is ready to receive your video signal from whatever source.

The Directoris cut will also enable Digital Video editors to export their finished movies to any analogue video device, such as VHS tape for easy distribution to friends, family and even business partners. By combining Miglia Directoris Cut with a new generation DVD-R it is possible to create digital DVD archives from mountains of old analogue footage.

Miglia Directoris Cut also brings extra life to users ioldi analogue video equipment. Home video directors can add an extra professional dimension to their movies by using their old cameras together with a new DV camera to record multiple angles of the same scene.

Separate audio recording devices such as tape and mini disc recorders can also be used to provide continuous sound tracks for laying on top of the movies, in addition to the sound track from the video. Miglia Directoris Cut works with both PAL and NTSC video formats. Directoris Cut has separate Composite, S-Video, Sound-in/out connectors for video and audio input/output. A unique feature is the ability to watch the imported or exported video and audio footage on a preview monitor.

Directoris Cut ships with a high quality FireWire/IEEE 1394 cable, Analogue audio and video cables, S-Video cable, 2 year warranty and a multi-lingual installation guide (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).

You can find more information about Directoris Cut at the Miglia Web site.