New AniMatrix Movie Released: A Detective Story

The Matrix may have sold more DVD players than any other movie. It was likely one of the first movies you owned after you bought your player. Even though Neois moves and Trinityis rear are not as impressive on the comparatively tiny screen of the average TV, we seem to pull The Matrix DVD out for viewing just because it is cool to watch.

If youire a fan of The Matrix at all then you already know about The AniMatrix, a collection of short movies based on the world of The Matrix. Since February there has been a newly released movie release roughly about once a month, available to be freely downloaded and enjoyed. These are extremely high quality flicks that look great even when you run them in QuickTimeis full screen mode. The latest story in the AniMatrix series, A Detective Story, has just been released and it is a must have.

There will be nine short movies in all and they will be available for purchase on one DVD in June. The first four AniMatrix movies are free. Pick them up at The AniMatrix Web site.