New App Allows Users To Combine Music And Visuals

Onadime has released a new program that allows users to easily combine sound, visuals, and movement to build unique digital creations. Onadime Composeri is targeted at creative individuals who want to incorporate a number of media formats in one design. According to Onadime:

A small group of innovative software designers, working under the banner of Onadime, has created a new, patented technology that represents a breakthrough in human expression. Onadimeis new release, Onadime Composeri, now available for noncommercial use.Onadime Composer is a Macintosh-based creative toolkit that links sound, visuals, and movement using real-time drag-and-drop programming. Onadime Composer lets you create music visuals, video effects, live performances, real-time digital art and multimedia unlike any other software on the market. Onadime Composer delivers three powerful resources to accomplish this:

  • Onadime Visual Link Language
  • Real-Time Digital Canvas
  • Live-Performance System

Onadime Visual Link Language (OVALL): Breakthrough Patented Technology Onadimeis System Architect, Geoffrey Coco, explains, "In designing Onadime, we created an entirely new visual programming language called the Onadime Visual Link Language (OVALL.) OVALL was designed for rapid programming of dynamic systems. The most dramatic feature of OVALL is ilive-action programming.i You can build relationships immediately between elements in an intuitive and visceral way. The tools are simple, yet sophisticated. Anything that can be digitally represented can be mapped into Onadime. Digitized images and sounds interplay with other entities and events. Programming in Onadime is as simple as drag-and-drop. Thereis no waiting for the program to compile. Make a link and instantly see what happens."

Onadime Composeris Real-Time Digital Canvas: Onadime Composeris Digital Canvas can mix live video, still images, text, computer-generated graphics, QuickTime, and MPEG movies. To this, Onadime adds extensive audio capabilities and effects, full MIDI implementation and instant response to live music, MP3s, and CDs. Onadime Composer enables artists to blend visual images and sound in real time and design customized inputs to drive the mix. Thereis no waiting for the rendering of traditional computer animation. Onadime artists create dynamic works that come to life immediately. These works can be saved as Onadime Compositions.?

Onadime Composeris Live Performance System: The live environment of Onadime Composer sets it apart from other software. Onadimeis Creative Director, Phillip Reay has been working on the project since 1996. His artistic commitment to the project is palpable. "Weive worked hard to make complex technology accessible to non-programmers. The real-time nature of the entire Onadime environment, from its output to its visual programming language, is what distinguishes Onadime Composer. When youire working with Onadime Composer, you feel the excitement of exploration immediately. Onadime Composer allows the kinesthetic mind to engage in the process of programming because you can see changes instantly-the art responds to the Artistis touch. Onadime Composer simplifies the rules and changes the experience of creating digital media, making it more accessible to everyone."

Onadime Composer is available for US$199. You can find more information at the Onadime Web site.