New App Allows Users To Search And Download U.S. Patents

The Mac-Stacks Emporium has released a new application that allows users to easily search the U.S. Patent database, and then download Patents to their hard drive. This is particularly useful for those doing Patent research, or those that are interested in keeping up with the advances of their favorite company. According to the Mac-Stacks Emporium:

The Mac-Stacks Emporium today announced that it has released Patent Grabber 1.0, an application that makes it easy to download U.S. patents from free public archives.

What is Patent Grabber?
Patent Grabber is a PowerPC-native application that automates the process of downloading U.S. patents from free public patent archives. Instead of going to an archive and loading and printing patent pages one at a time with your web browser, you simply give Patent Grabber a list of patents and click "Get Patents." Patent Grabber then downloads every page of all the patents to your Mac while you do something else. You can download the patents in either Adobe Acrobat(R) (.pdf) or TIFF format.

Patent Grabberis printing function allows you to print as many of the patents as you wish with just a click or two. Additionally, for any individual patent, you can print just the pages that you want.

Patent Grabber requires a PowerPC Mac with System 8.6 or higher and AppleScript, and should run under the Classic mode of OS X. Patent Grabber uses either Thorsten Lemkeis "GraphicConverter" or Blue Globe Softwareis "Tiff-Sight" (Ver. 1.1 or higher) to print TIFF patents. Adobe Acrobat(R) Reader is required to print patents that are in Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Patent Grabber is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Mac-Stacks Emporium Web site.