New App Promises "3D For All"

Eovia has announced the availability of a new 3D design application, Carrara Studio. Billed as the successor to Ray Dream and Infini-D, the Carrara Studio promises powerful 3D capabilities in an easy-to-use package. According to Eovia:

Eovia Corporation today began worldwide shipping of Carrara Studio(tm), a new full-service 3D design application that fulfils professional needs with entry-level accessibility at an entry-level price. The program is available for MacOS(r) and Windows(r).

Carrara 1.1 is at the heart of the Studio package, an intensively beta-tested and rock-stable revision of the popular original release. With the inclusion of several additional features, Carrara Studio renews the promise of "3D for All" as the matured offspring of the highly successful Ray Dream Studio and Infini-D. The latest release culminates 10 years of 3D software research and development.

Eovia is offering substantial upgrade discounts to owners of both legacy programs, as well as an upgrade path from Carrara 1 to Carrara Studio. For current registered Carrara 1 users, the 1.1 updater alone is available as a free download.

Eovia Corporation was founded by 3D enthusiasts devoted to furthering the "Ray Dream way of life." Eovia acquired Carrara when the previous owner, Metacreations, divested all its graphic design applications. Eovia subsequently merged with TGS and took over distribution of the TGS award winning 3D NURBS modeling application, Amapi 3D(tm). As a limited-time offer, a free, fully working Amapi 3D version 5 is included on the Carrara Studio CD.

As the bold successor to the very popular Ray Dream and Infini-D, Carrara Studio defies the "user-hostile" conventions of high-priced 3D applications by combining an elegant, intuitive user interface with commonsense workflow, along with a full suite of professional-level tools for modeling, shading, scene building, animation, rendering, and special effects.

Most important over the long term, Carrara Studio is an application with an exciting future, continuously evolving to meet user requirements. Instead of succumbing to unsupported legacy programs dumped at a "discount," 3D enthusiasts have with Carrara Studio an affordable opportunity to continue "Shaping the Future of 3D."

The Carrara Studio is available for US$399, with special upgrade pricing available. You can find more information at the Eovia Web site.