New Apple Ad Takes a Harder Swing at Vista

Apple Inc. added a new Get a Mac ad to its Web site on Monday, this time taking a shot at the security features built into Windows Vista. John Hodgman and Justin Long continue their roles as PC and Mac, but the commercials are now clearly focused on pointing out how Mac OS X is superior to Windows Vista.

The new Get a Mac ad: Security.

In this ad, PC is accompanied by a black suited security agent that asks him to cancel or allow everything Mac asks as well as any responses. When PC explains to Mac why the extra security is needed, the agent responds "You are pointing out Vistais flaws. Cancel or allow."

In comparison, earlier ads, like Work vs. Home, Better Results, and iLife focused on selecting the right computer to help foster creativity, and how the Mac is better suited for creating home movies. You can watch the new commercial at Appleis Get a Mac Web site.