New Apple Hot Deals Updates: Books, Displays, DV Cams, More

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Apple has updated the Hot Deals page for OiReillyis and MacWarehouse at the Macintosh Product Guide. The Mac Product Guide is a list of Mac compatible hardware and software products on the market. The Hot Deals section of the Product Guide features several Mac retailers and special offers that one can only get, at least in theory, at the Hot Deals page.

The new Hot Deals page for OiReillyis has offers on three books aimed at Mac OS X users, and three books aimed at developers. You can find the OiReillyis Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

The MacWarehouse Hot Deals page has offers on three CRTs, four LCDs, four projectors, three printers, and two DV cameras. You can find the MacWarehouse Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

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