New Apple Science And Technology Site Launches

Following up the strong inherent focus Unix, and thus OS X, has on scientific pursuits, Apple has launched a new Science & Technology web site. The new site features articles and expert commentary on the current state of science and personal computing, as well as shedding some light on Appleis particular involvement in a number of areas. According to Apple:

Some of the current features at the SciTech web site:

Experience the SciTech web site through the eyes of Mary Miller, our featured editorial columnist. Mary, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the field, provides an insightful view on how scientists from different disciplines are using Macintosh in their work.

In the past, UCLA?s Dr. Viktor K. Decyk and his colleagues always did their numerically intensive computing on the nation?s largest supercomputers. Now they?ve found a convenient alternative: their own in-house ?supercomputer? created using a parallel processing cluster of Apple Power Mac computers. Brings Patient Care Online - Dr. Tipirneni and team have created the foundation for one of the most useful communications tools in medical history. See how remote imaging is changing the way doctors practice medicine.

You can find these features, and a wealth of other information, at the new Apple Science & Technology web site.