New Apple Store For Business Features: Volume Discounts, Apple Business Experts

Apple has announced an interesting set of new features at the Apple Store for Business. At the Hot Deals page for the Apple Store for Business, the company has added new listings for volume discounts on software, a new volume sales program for iPods, and two new Apple Business Experts services designed to get business customers one-on-one help in getting their business needs met.

The Apple Volume Licensing offer has volume pricing for all of Appleis software titles from AppleWorks to Soundtrack. Most of the titles have volume discounts available from 10 seats to 1000+ or unlimited.

The iPod Volume Sales Program is offering custom engraving services for businesses. The offer reads:

iPods custom engraved with your company logo or message. Only available through the Apple Store for business.

We are most intrigued by the Apple Business Experts postings. The Hot Deals page is listing two ads for a "Contact Me" and "Contact Us" service for business customers. The Contact Me service says "Want that personal touch? Have an Apple Business Expert contact you." The Hot Deals listing links to a Web form for sending the Apple Business Experts information about your company.

The Contact Us service says "Need help ordering technology for your business? Call the Apple Business Experts direct." That number is 1.800.MY.APPLE (option 2).

You can find all of these new services listed at the Apple Store for Business Hot Deals page.