New Apple iMac/iTunes Commercial Says That "Radio Still Sucks!"

Apple has added five iMac and iTunes commercials to the Apple Web site for your viewing enjoyment. The new ads all center around the "Visual" display tool built into iTunes and feature songs from Bach, U2, a funky song that we arenit sure who made, a cover of the Smithsi "How Soon Is Now?," and The Atarisi song "the Radio Still Sucks." The latter commercial ends with the band extolling that the "radio still sucks!" with the word sucks appearing as the Apple logo appears. Strange timing, but you have to admire Appleis courage in using the "S" word in national advertising.

The commercials message is a combination of the visual impact of the Visual tool, the song chosen for the commercial, and a text message. Each commercial closes with a product shot of either the Blue Dalmation or Flower Power iMac that lets the viewer know the "visual" was being created on the iMac.

  • The Bach commercial says that Bach is complex, while burning your own CD isnit.
  • The Ataris commercial focuses on the ability to make your own mix CDs that donit suck.
  • The U2 commercial asks if you have ever wondered what a CD looks like when it burn.
  • The funky commercial says that you can "burn a CD like it ainit no thing."
  • The cover of "How Soon is Now?" says "Rip MP3s, burn CDs, fast."

Visually stunning and attention grabbing, the quality of the QuickTime files Apple has posted is quite good. You can see them all at Appleis hardware ad site. We would like to thank the Observers who wrote to us about the ads being added to Appleis site.