New Application Development System Released

Runtime has announced the availability of a new rapid application development system, Revolution 1.0. Revolution allows developers to easily create Internet based applications that can be delivered on a variety of operating systems. According to Runtime:

Runtime today announced the release of Revolution 1.0, a state-of-the-art rapid application development system.

Revolution enables developers to easily and quickly create powerful Internet-enabled applications and solutions which can be delivered on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and other popular UNIX systems. Using Transcript, Revolutionis high level integrated language, application prototyping and development are faster and more efficient than is possible with lower-level languages like C, C++, Java or BASIC.

Revolution is a breakthrough for anyone who writes and designs computer software. Professional software developers can easily create applications that can be deployed cross-platform with no changes to code, from a single working file. Functionality that might traditionally require a complex subroutine can be accomplished in a single line. Even students and hobbyists can easily learn to create Revolution applications to automate tedious procedures or increase their productivity in general.

Offering a feature set of unprecedented depth in every area, Revolution is an essential part of any developeris toolkit:

  • Revolutionis multimedia support includes bitmap and vector graphics, QuickTime and QuickTime VR, and direct import of ten popular graphics formats including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Internet application developers will find support for HTTP POST and GET protocols, the ability to display files from the Web directly inside Revolution objects, and programming support for Internet sockets. (A basic client-server application takes under ten lines of code).
  • For text jockeys, Revolution supports associative arrays, regular expressions, and other powerful text-handling features.
  • Revolutionis suite of standard controls take on the native appearance and behavior on all platforms, a boon for user-interface designers and those doing fast prototyping. Point-and-click wizards help automatically move and resize controls when the user resizes a window.
  • Enhancements planned later this summer include built-in database access, native OS X support, extensive K-12 teaching material and extended support for Internet protocols.

Pricing for Revolution starts at US$349. You can find more information at the Runtime Revolution Web site.