New Bags Help You Carry Your TiBook In Style

Tom Bihn has announced a number of new bags specifically designed to carry Appleis high-end portable laptop, the PowerBook G4 Titanium. The new bags range from simple to complete and provide a wide array of options for those looking to carry their TiBooks in style. According to Tom Bihn:

Available in late June, 2001: the G4 Monolith - The Monolith is a straight-forward, highly protective case for your TiBook. Its vertical format allows it to slip inside your everyday backpack. This is a truly modular bag - no pockets, no shoulder strap - with simple webbing handles. The protection is awesome. Using the same technology as our previous G4 bags, your laptop is cradled in soft foam padding and suspended in a corrugated plastic insert.

Available in early July, 2001: the G4 Mitre - You asked for it... A comfy sleeve for you shiny new TiBook. No hard sided protection here, just a lightly padded case with a lining so soft that youill want to curl up inside of it (sorry folks, itis only sized for the G4). Like the Monolith, the Mitre will carry your laptop & nothing else.

The G4 Lap Dog & the G4 Eclipse We have been having a hard time keeping our G4 Lap Dog and our G4 Eclipse in stock. A new shipment arrives the first week of June.

The G4 Lap Dog - - is a modular case designed to fit the TiBook like a glove, with all of the bomb-proof protection of its G3 counterpart, the 2001 Lap Dog - . And like our previous Lap Dogs, it is made to snap inside the Brain Bag backpack -

The Eclipse - - is a small case, providing the hard-shell protection of the G4 Lap Dog and adding a front pouch for additional storage & organization. Stylish and sleek, the G4 Eclipse takes advantage of the size and weight of the TiBook: you wanted small, now youive got it.

You can find more information about all of these bags at the Tom Bihn Web site.

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