New Beamit FM Adapters Offer More Wireless Channels

First International Digital, Inc. introduced Monday a new series of Beamit wireless music adapters.

The 440FM and 450FM are compatible with any MP3 player, including the Apple iPod. Both models allows users to wirelessly broadcast music from portable audio devices to the car or homeis FM stereo and is compatible with any MP3 player, including Apple iPods, laptops, and CD, mini-disc, and tape players. The adapters operate from a range of 10-30 feet and plug into a caris 12-volt cigarette lighter.

The 440FM offers 12 channels, retailing for US$30. The 450FM has 100 channels and a signal distortion of less than 0.2%. 440FM retails for $39.99 and can be powered by a AAA battery.