New Beta Release For Eudora Pro For Mac OS X

Mac OS X users of Eudora Pro will be delighted to know that there is a new Beta release of the product. Qualcomm has released version 5.1b20 for Mac OS X. The new release includes several bug fixes and a couple of feature changes. From the release notes:

Changes in this release:
  • Cmd-H hides application by default. Separate settings for cmd-H and cmd-A alternates in Miscellaneous settings panel.
  • Fixed crash when opening Address Book
  • Making AUTH PLAIN send argument with AUTH command
  • Check for duplicate messages a lot faster
  • Unable to paste graphics in messages
  • Fixed crash when using down arrow + modifier to switch to next message after current message has been modified
  • Eudora was using about 5% of idle CPU time displaying mailbox sizes when a couple of large mailboxes were open
  • Couldnit create new mailbox or folder in Eudora Folder in Mailboxes window
  • Moving mouse after clicking on Transfer button in Filters window could cause mailbox selection to abort.
  • Fixed background color display in alerts
  • Expanded height of settings dialog. Adjusted position of settings items that were too crowded.
  • Fixed crash when opening some messages with length > 32K

*If you have "Open mailbox (new mail only)" in the "Getting Attention" settings panel enabled, mailbox windows may open in front of other application windows when Eudora is in the background. This is due to an OS X bug which we have so far been unable to work around.

*If double-clicking on URL is not working correctly, try option-double-clicking on a link to reselect the web browser.

If Carbon Eudora crashes:

Enable crash logs in the "Console" application (itis in /Applications/Utilities). Select Console->Preferences then click on the "Crashes" tab. Enable "Log crash information in ~/Library/Logs/" and "Automatically display crash logs". When the crash occurs, the log will automatically open. Copy the last entry (between the "**********") and paste it into a message and e-mail to

You can download the new release from the Eudora Pro beta download page.