New Beta Testing Resource Launched At ThinkTank

ThinkTank has announced a new site dedicated to beta testing, the MacBetaGroup poll. The MacBetaGroup poll is a site designed for OS X software development. The site is an active recruitment site for beta testers and inlcudes news and the latest development information. According to ThinkTank:

On April 1, 2004, ThinkTank, the research and news site provided by TriLateral Systems will be posting their new MacBetaGroup poll.

MacBetaGroup is the proposed Web site for developers and users of Mac OS X products to stay up-to-date on companies and individuals seeking beta testers. The poll specifically asks, regardless of whether you are a developer or user, if you would use such a site.

Information on the proposed MacBetaGroup site:

  • The site is a completely free service provided by TriLateral Systems
  • Developers can signup and immediately login to provide information on products for which they are seeking beta testers
  • Users can provide feedback directly on the site concerning their experiences with companies, past products, concerns, etc. (Users must abide by any Non-Disclosure Agreements they enter into when becoming beta testers for companies)
  • Users and Developers can submit news stories, event information, etc. dealing with beta tester concerns or needs

You can find more information about the MacBetaGroup poll at the ThinkTank Web page.