New Beta Version OF SecuritySpy Shipping

Ben Bird has released a new beta version of SecuritySpy 1.0, bringing it to version beta 15. SecuritySpy is a video surveillance app designed for multiple camera setups. The latest beta release features quad multiplexer support and "flip" camera options. According to Ben Bird

Today, Ben Bird announced the release of SecuritySpy version 1.0b15, an update to his multi-camera video surveillance software for the Macintosh.

The improvements of SecuritySpy 1.0b15 over the previous version are:

  • Added support for quad multiplexer devices
  • Added iflip horizontali and iflip verticali options for each camera
  • Fixed compatibility problems with the IOXperts driver on Mac OS X
  • Fixed problems with SecuritySpy becoming unresponsive on Mac OS X
  • Fixed some problems with sending emails and uploading to FTP servers
  • Fixed some problems when capturing movies with no compression
  • Fixed problem with corrupt movie captures on Mac OS 8.x

You can find more information about the SecuritySpy beta release at the SecuritySpy Web site. SecuritySpy is available starting at US$50.00 for a single camera setup.