New Blistering Fast FireWire CD-RW Records At 16x

Fantom Drives has announced a new high speed FireWire based CD-RW drive, the FireWire 16x10x40 CD-ReWriteable drive. Capable of burning a 74 minutes CD in less than 5 minutes, the new drive promises to bring a new level of performance to CD-RW drives. According to Fantom Drives:

Fantom Drives today announced the immediate availability of the new Fantom Drives FireWire 16x10x40CD-ReWriteable drive with BurnProof Technology. The new drive, which features the award-winning CD recordable technology of Plextor, Inc., features the fastest write, rewrite, and read speed of the Fantom Drives CD-ReWriteable product line.

Targeted towards multimedia and creative professionals, the new Fantom Drives FireWire 16x10x40 CD-ReWriteable drive can burn a 74 minute CD-R in under 5 minutes. The drive1s advanced rewritable technology leapfrogs over conventional 4x CD-RW speeds, enabling the 16x10x40 to rewrite an entire650MB disc in approximately six minutes. Additionally, the drive1s 40x maximum CD read speed and high-speed audio extraction features outperform many of the built-in CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives included with most desktop computer systems.

Using Plextor1s implementation of Sanyo1s BURN-Proof (buffer underrun-proof) technology, the Fantom Drives 16x10x40 CD-ReWritable drive features fault-tolerant CD burning. Historically, in order to burn a CD successfully it was essential to provide a CD-Recorder with a steady and uninterruptedstream of data. Because drives lacked a mechanism for recovering from a sudden drop in the data stream (due to a slow source disk or background processes running on the computer), recording a CD could easily result in a "Buffer Underrun" error and, therefore, a wasted disc. Because the new high-performance 16x10x40 drive features BURN-Proof, it can be used with nearly any data source (such as a comparably slow built-in CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive) without risk of errors.

The new 16x10x40 FireWire CD-ReWriteable drive is available for US$459. You can find more information at the Fantom Drives Web site.