New Book Helps Users Get A Grip On Office 2001

Gene Steinberg, long time Mac author and host of the popular Mac Web site Mac Night Owl, has released a new book examining the ins and outs of Microsoft Office 2001. Office is packed full of hidden features, and this book should help users master many of them. According to the bookis publisher, the Osborne Media Group:

The release of a new version of Microsoft Office is always an event. The arrival of Office 2001 for the Macintosh is especially significant, because it provides up-front evidence that the worldis largest software company is firm in its resolve to deliver top-quality software for this platform. However, aside from a six-page booklet, there is no instruction manual included with Office 2001. To help users get the most out of Office 2001, the Osborne Media Group recently published Office 2001 for Mac: The Complete Reference (ISBN 0-07-213168-3) by Gene Steinberg.

Author Gene Steinberg explains that his book "is meant to take the place of the manuals that are no longer provided. But more important, I designed my book to take its readers farther than a traditional manual would take them, so that they discover hidden features and shortcuts that will help them to truly harness the powerful features of Office 2001."

The book provides in-depth references to help Office 2001 users to fully manage and execute its functionality and maximize made-for-Mac features such as Project Gallery and Entourage. In addition, readers will learn the following:

  • Master the latest features of Word 2001, integrate graphics, use hyperlinks, and protect against cross-platform viruses.
  • Use Mac-only features that allow word processing, information management, accounting, and multimedia presentations.
  • Utilize the Project Gallery for graphical preview of wizards, templates, documents, and more.
  • Create multimedia presentations with PowerPoint, add animated GIFs or QuickTime movies.
  • Follow custom guidelines for installation, removal, and upgrading the software
  • Strategies for easy file compatibility with Windows platform users.
  • Import contact lists and stored messages from most e-mail programs to centralize electronic communication.
  • Script and automate e-mail procedures, use multiple signatures, and combat spam and mailing list-generated messages with powerful filters.
  • Crunch numbers, catalog and maintain lists, and track characteristics with Excel spreadsheets.
  • Enter personal user profiles to manage multiple-user situations, and more.

You can find more information at the Mac Night Owl Web site.