New Clipboard Utility From Script Software

Script Software is now shipping a new app, CopyPaste-X. CopyPaste-X is a clipboard utility designed for copying multiple files to the clipboard. The app ships with many features including Clipboard Extender which allows viewing of up to ten separate clipboards. According to Script Software:

Script Software Announces the Release of CopyPaste-X for Mac OS X.

CopyPaste-X is the media-hub that combines the three major Mac integration technologies the clipboard, drag&drop and files in one application. It transparently accepts and provides the data in the most suitable form to use within and between other applications.

Version 1.0 features:

  • Clipboard Extender lets you see/use 10 clipboards that are easily accessible via key command (command c and any number 0-9), drag and drop and menu command
  • Clipboard Recorder lets you see/use the last 10 clipboards copied to with a regular copy. It acts a stack and keeps a record of your last 10 copies
  • Clipboard Editor allows editing any clipboard with styled text
  • Open and edit any text file. Double click any clipboard to open the editor
  • Special fuzzy find function lets you find words even if you donit know how to spell them
  • Many other features and many more to come soon

You can find more information about CopyPaste-X at the Script Software Wen site. CopyPaste-X is available for US$20.00.