New Color Correcting App Released

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. has released a color correction app, Asiva Photo. Asiva Photo is designed for use by graphic design professionals for manipulating the color levels of images and adding special effects. Asiva Photo has support for Mac OS 8.6 through X. According to Shapiro Consulting Group:

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc., (SCGI), of Austin, Texas announced today that its color enhancement and correction Asiva® technology has been awarded a US Patent.

The technology - for a multi-dimensional color image mapping apparatus and method, was issued on Sept 25th 2001. SCGI has since released itis first publicly available color correction and image enhancement software application - Asiva® Photo.

Asiva® Photo - currently available on Mac OS, allows photographers and graphic artists to make color corrections that are almost impossible using other software.

SCGI also has addressed an important productivity issue in Asiva Photo: the time it takes to render each change or correction. Asiva Photo does this by using a low-resolution working image that letis the artist see changes almost immediately. "With Asiva Photo, you can work with very large image files very, quickly even on an older iMac with as little as 32MB of free RAM," says Kevin Gordon.

You can find more information about Asiva Photo at the Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. Web site. Asiva Photo is available for US$378.00.