New Cube Shirt At RedLightRunner

Joining the rest of American business in a tradition almost as old as Thanksgiving itself, RedLightRunner will be holding a sale this Friday. Unveiling a hew shirt design based on the Cube, RedLightRunner will be offering the shirt for P off the regular price this Friday. According to RedLightRunner:, the source for Apple Logo Collectibles this holiday season, is very excited to present the new "G4 Cube-Rod" T-Shirt, which goes on sale this Friday for only $6.66!

In July we introduced the MacPunk T-shirt, which we specially priced for $6.66 (as a tribute to the first Apple computer, originally priced at $666.00). And now weire doing it again with the All New "G4 Cube-Rod" T-shirt! This new shirt is sizzlini hot! And it goes on sale this Friday for only $6.66, a savings of over $7 off the regular price. This special price is good for Friday 11/24/2000 only! After that it will be priced at $14.95.

This exciting new design was created by our Mac-using friends over at Bent Clothing (manufacturers of extreme moto-sport apparel). Itis a color crazy spectacle featuring Macfink (Ratfinkis distant cousin) on a modified PowerMac G4 Cube-Rod! Itis definitely hot!

You can see a preview of the new shirt design at the RedLightRunner web site.