New Desktop Assistant From UserCreations

UserCreations has released of a new app for OS X users, Spring. Spring is a personal desktop assistant designed with an object oriented interface. The app features one-app contacting for personal communication and other Web based features, including flight booking and price shopping. According to UserCreations:

UserCreations today delivered Spring 1.0, a groundbreaking application for OS X.

Spring has two simple ideas. Spring Objects are the digital equivalents to the things you encounter in your daily life: people, places, products, etc. Spring Canvases are simply visually organized collections of Spring Objects.

Major Productivity Features in Spring 1.0 include:

  • Effortless AIM Transfers
  • Visual Amazon Products (Via Watson)
  • 1-Drag Flight/Train Booking
  • 1-Drag Personal Intros
  • 1-Click and 1-Drag Evites
  • Visual Web Search
  • Ubiquitous Mapping/Directions
  • 1-Click Store Locators
  • Desktop Weather
  • Desktop Stock Charts

You can find more information about Spring at the UserCreations Web site. Spring 1.0 is available for US$21.95.