New Desktops At Mandolux

Mandolux has released new desktops for download. The desktops are images for use as the background on Macs, and represent several different themes including military aircraft and absract imagery. According to Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued 18 new desktops this week. The desktops are: 10 Apache Helicopter (aerospace), 5 SR-71 Blackbird (aerospace), 2 Fiery named Etta and Della (nature/chimney), and a new Technosis named Darkness (abstract).

About the desktops:

  • The Apache desktops are called ‘Apache Yellow Haze, Upside Maneuver, Cold Storage, belly of the Beast, Fire Bird, Utah, Brown Grass, Death Flowers, The Longbow, and 180°.’ All desktops are part of a collection dedicated to only helicopters
  • The SR-71 Blackbird desktops are called ‘Blue Eye Devil, Heaven, The Dusk Ride, Junior, and Yikes.’ Blue Eye and Heaven are phenomenal. About the Blackbird: It is the fastest plane to date capable of flying at Mach 3+ (around 2275 mph (or 3660 km/h) at sea level). It was design to gather aerial photography and intelligence during the Cold War for the CIA at an altitude of 80,000+ feet. The history of this airplane is truly amazing and I lack the ability and memory to fully represent such an awesome plane
  • For an aircraft that was designed in the early 60’s, you really wonder how did SkunkWorks (the division of Lockheed that created this and other planes) was able to create such a marble of technology without computers and today’s research & development programs. The SR-71 Blackbird is truly the most awesome plane ever created (unless the Aurora is out there
  • The new Fire & Flame desktops are named Della and Etta
  • And lastly, the new Technosis/Anthraxis desktop is named Darkness. It’s a portion of a picture taken at night in a busy street

You can find more information about the new desktops at the Mandolux Web site. The desktops are available as free downloads.