New Desktops At Mandolux

Mandolux has released new desktops for download. The desktops are images for use as the background on Macs, and represent several different themes including absract imagery. According to Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued eight new desktops: five Feathers, one Pintura, one Fiery, and one Technosis/Anthraxis.

About the desktops:

Feathers is a new theme for my website and it constitutes a vision of bringing people feathery things to their desktops. The first set of these desktops is called Pavoreal and it’s a picture of two peacock tail feathers. This desktop set is available in Giant (1920x1200), Dual Monitor, Regular, and Letterbox formats

Another new theme is Pintura, which is Spanish for paint. This theme will be a set of pictures of paint as seen on canvases at the macro view. Pretty interesting

The new Fire and Flame desktop is a picture of charcoal and a log in a chimney. The name of this desktop is Isana

Lastly, the new Technosis/Anthraxis is called Whitey and as it’s name implies – it is really white.

You can find more information about the new desktops at the Mandolux Web site. The desktops are available as free downloads.