New Desktops At Mandolux

Mandolux has released new desktops for download. The desktops are images for use as the background on Macs, and represent several different themes including absract imagery. According to Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued six new desktops: four Vector-based (Abstract/Techno), one Fiery (Charcoal/Chimney) and a new Technosis/Anthraxis (Abstract) desktop.

About the desktops:

  • There are four new Vector-based desktops: three of them are part of my new collection of Œcalming&Mac226; desktops, titled Infinion, are design to chill-out in your desktop and the first set is a Giant/Dual Monitor setup. The other Vector-based desktop is titled ŒSuicidal Jump&Mac226; and it is part of my Snowboarding theme
  • The new Fiery desktop is titled Alda and it is a interesting composition of a few logs of wood with charcoal burning in a chimney
  • Lastly, there is a new Technosis/Anthraxis desktop titled Medusa. This is my 50th desktop for this theme. This desktop has a set of lovely blue strokes of light

You can find more information about the new desktops at the Mandolux Web site. The desktops are available as free downloads.