New Desktops At Mandolux

Mandolux has released new desktops for download. The desktops are images for use as the background on Macs, and represent several different themes including absract imagery. According to Mandolux:

Mandolux has issued six new desktops: one Vector-based (Techno/Christy/Survivor), a Technosis/Anthraxis (Abstract), a Money 2K2 (Australian), and three Turning Leafs (Nature/Macro).

About the desktops:

The new Vector-based desktop is titled Christy Deux and this is another desktop inspired by Christy Smith of CBS’s Survivor: The Amazon. This desktop is set in a ‘kick-ass’ pink theme. Christy’s strength and determination shown so far in the show to go forward were many have failed. Once again, let’s us hope for the best for Christy even though she is surrounded by what looks to be a bunch of uncaring --beep--

The new Technosis/Anthraxis desktop is titled Guam and it is set in a wonderful orange background with white ridges going up and down throughout the picture

The new Money 2K2 is titled Australia and it is a one Australian dollar. The composition of this desktop is focus on Queen Elizabeth’s upper head/hair

Lastly, there is a new set of Giant Petals titled Turning Leafs. The first set of this theme is titled Aidan and it is a wonderful start – the desktops have a wonderful structure and elements that makes it amazing. It is available in Giant (1920x1200) and Dual Monitor setups (1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1152x864, and 1024x768).

You can find more information about the new desktops at the Mandolux Web site. The desktops are available as free downloads.