New EarthDesk Desktop Released From TimePalette Maker

Trygve Inda has released a new app for Mac users, EarthDesk. EarthDesk is a rotating desktop map that ships with several features including City light display at night and an Expandable Atlas. EarthDesk is compatible with OS 8.6 and up. According to Trygve Inda:

Trygve Inda, developer of Time Palette 5.0, today announced EarthDesk, a new product in the line of world time and mapping tools.

The first product of its kind to support both Classic MacOS and OS X, EarthDesk replaces the Macis static desktop picture with ever-changing, beautiful maps of the world with correct sun and moon illumination.

EarthDesk features:

  • Eleven different projections
  • Political and satellite maps
  • Zoom from 50% to 400%
  • City lights appear at night
  • Expandable Atlas with 10,000 cities
  • Support for OS 8.6+ and OS X

You can find more information about EarthDesk the Time Palette Web site. EarthDesk is available for US$19.95.