New Educational Quiz Game Available

MacMUSE Software has released a new educational quiz game, geared for use in the classroom or home schooling, called What Do You Know! 1.0. What Do You Know provides an entertaining and informative way for children to learn and reinforce basic information. According to MacMUSE:

MacMuse Software, shareware for education, announces the release of What Do You Know! 1.0. Test your knowledge in one of 3 exciting and challenging game formats. Climb the knowledge ladder for up to 15,000 points but beware, if you miss a question your points will ?fall back? to the previous level. Perhaps you would rather try to beat the clock and answer the question quickly for the maximum number of points. You will have some help because after 4 seconds the wrong answers will start disappearing one by one, but so will your points. For a different challenge, compete against an opponent for the points. Only one of you can earn points for each question, so be quick!

What Do You Know! comes with several ready-made quizzes but also includes the ability for users to create their own quiz games within the program. Great for the classroom, or for home use. Teachers and parents can, optionally, password protect the quizzes they create. Students? names are stored in the program and as they earn more and more points, they move up in rank which is indicated by a small icon in front of the playeris name.

What Do You Know! is available for US$10, or US$70 for a site license. You can find more information at the MacMUSE web site.