New Enhanced GPS Module Released For Visor

GeoDiscovery has announced the availability of a new enhanced GPS module for the Handspring Visor, the Geode. The Geode not only provides "basic" GPS functionality, but it also allows users to get valuable information for their immediately surrounding area. According to GeoDiscovery:

GeoDiscovery has just announced availabilityof the Geode( GPS Module for Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) handheld computers andGeoView(tm) Mobile Software for Palm OS. Together, these products bring newintegrated, geo-aware capabilities to some of the most basic of traveltools - the map, compass, guidebook and travelogue. These are the first of anew breed of "GeoDiscovery Active" applications enabled by the sameplatform.

"Beyond the scope of basic GPS devices, the Geode and GeoView were designedwith unique features to enable a new medium and a new user experience," saidBrian Sevy, vice president of marketing for GeoDiscovery. "Now users canhave geo-activated maps and guidebooks with near-magical qualities - theycan see exactly where they are, what direction theyire facing and browserich content linked to places around them. In addition to our growinglibrary of GeoDiscovery Active content from leading publishers, we make iteasy for users to create and share their own travelogues linked to theirfavorite places."

The Geode product benefits business and recreational travelers and outdoorsports enthusiasts with a geo-information manager that provides a spectrumof capabilities never offered before. To support the GeoDiscovery Activeuser experience, the Geode includes several unique features such as SiRFStar II GPS receiver with SnapLock(tm), FoliageLock(tm), and Wide AreaAugmentation System (WAAS) to improve accuracy and sensitivity; digitalcompass; two MultiMediaCard slots for future expansion capable of holding upto 64MB each of maps, content, and Palm OS files; and internal flash memoryloaded with applications and world maps to guarantee a great startupexperience anywhere in the world.

For publishers who are interested in developing geo-coded content for usewith the Geode and other Palm OS-compatible devices, GeoDiscovery is able toprovide support in the form of authoring tools, and conversion and hostingservices.

The Geode GPS module sells for US$289. You can find more information at the GeoDiscovery Web site.