New Enterprise Network Cards from Small Tree

Small Tree Communications announced the immediate availability of a series of PCI-X Gigabit Ethernet cards that are suitable for enterprise-level networks on Tuesday. The PGX6iSFP includes six empty Small Form-factor Pluggable (SPF) sockets that are compatible with copper and optical networks. Individual sockets can be filled as needed with either copper or optical adapters. The PGX2iSFP offers the same features, but with only two sockets. The PGX6iSFP is priced at US$949, and the PGX2iSFP costs $275. Copper SPF modules are $99 each, and optical SPF modules are $149.

Small Tree also introduced the PGX4iF, an optical plug-in card that enables long distance multi-network connectivity through a single Xserve G4, G5, or Power Mac G5. The PGX4iF is priced at $1,599.