New Episode Of Macinchat Variety Show Available Now

The producers of the Macinchat Variety Show have posted another episode of the show. The Macinchat Variety Show is an Internet variety show in the tradition of radio variety shows that is offered in either QuickTime or MP3 format. Better yet, itis about the Mac. From the showis producers:

Thatis right--another gut-wrenching episode of everyoneis favorite Macintosh-only radio show is ready for consumption. Head over to for episode 21, now in 5 lipsmacking flavors, including...wait, nevermind, thatis a gum commercial.

Head over to the site to take our new poll, and download the show that everyone is talking about, even Lionel Ritchieis gardner, Bob "Lionel Ritchieis Gardner" Coktoastin. This week we revive our favorite beer sponsoris new mascot, iThe Pirate,i and hear Mr. Sac spew that very beer from his nasal passage. Hear the always untalented Ed MacMan make his usual appearance. Hear the phoney commercial AND the phoney phone call to an unsuspecting local business trying to get them to say funny things about the Macintosh. But wait--thereis more: Well, actually, there is a lot more, so go listen. (We even made the commercials shorter!)

So, once again, head over and listen to the show that Dan Rather would rather not comment on.

You can find the latest show at the Macinchat Variety Showis Web site.