New FW 800 Compliant Drives And Cables Shipping From Akumen

FirewireOutlet is now shipping new FireWire 800 compliant hard drives and cables. The hard drives feature the latest Oxford 922 bridge for FW 800 codec support, and ship in a variety of capacity sizes. The cables, designed for FW 800 data transfer rates, feature twisted pair construction and are sheilded to reduce interference. According to FirewireOutlet:

FirewireOutlet, an online store within Akumen Online, has jumped out among the earliest companies to begin shipping a line of products in the much anticipated FireWire 800 1394b family, with the announcement of a series of hard drives, a drive enclosure system, and their first available Firewire 800Mbps compliant cables.

FirewireOutlet is showing and shipping several FireWire 800 1394b hard drive products, including an enclosure for do it yourselfer’s wanting to build their own Firewire 800 hard drives. FirewireOutlet is launching their line this week with hard drives of 80, 120, 160, 200 and 250GB.  

FirewireOutlet is also now selling and shipping their first Firewire 800 1394b compliant cables enabling data transfers up to 800Mbps. 1394b compliant Foil and Braid Outer Sheild reduces Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference and the FirewireOutlet cables feature 1394b Twisted Pair Construction and High Quality Contact material that provides maximum conductivity. They have both “beta” and “bilingual” Firewire 800 1394b cables. 

You can find more information about the new FW 800 cables and drives at the FirewireOutlet Web site. Pricing for the new drives start at US$249.95 for 80GB, while the cables are available for US$19.95.