New File Manager Released From Tactile Interactive

Tactile Interactive Software is shipping a new app for Mac users, Tactile Interrogator 1.0. Tactile Interrogator is a utility designed for file management. The app features extended controls and functions over the standard OS X Finder including the Full Disclosure mode for complete file information display. According to Tactile Interactive Software:

Tactile Interactive Software today announced the immediate availability of Tactile Interrogator™, its revolutionary new file manager.

Tactile Interrogator provides a rich graphical file view of Mac OS Xis powerful Unix underpinnings. Although similar to the Finder, it uses colored icons, in different sizes, to give the Mac user an informative picture of a directory at a glance. It has many other power features designed for programmers, system administrators, and power users. It is designed to complement and extend the management capabilities of the Terminal and the Finder.

You can find more information about the Tactile Interrogator release at the Tactile Interactive Software Web site. Tactile Interrogator is available for US$49.95.