New Finder Enhancement Is Ready For Consumption

Impendix Software has released their finder enhancement utility, Console Classic, in both English and Italian. Console Classic helps enhance the Finder by performing fast mathemetical calculations and opening Finder items by typing their first letters. According to Impendix:

German and French versions are coming soon. Users can open Finder items by simply entering the first digits of its name, and process mathematical expressions (like "1+2(2&Mac185;-1e-1)").

Impendix Console has two components: the Control Panel, for changing the preferences, and the Extension file. The control panel helps you to easily manage the files to be opened with the console and set the keys to show the console.

You can manage the files to be opened with the console in the Finder too, creating aliases of the preferred files and putting them in the folder called "Console" and situated in the preferences folder.

Impendix Console Classic is available for US$10 (shareware) and you can find more information about it at Impendixis site.