New FireWire Based Computers-less Direct Recording Solution Available

Advanced Technology And Systems Co. has released a new FireWire based computer-less digital storage system, the DV MasStor Direct Recording Disk (DRD). The new system uses removable storage "cartridges" allowing for essentially unlimited amounts of video storage space, all without the need of a computer. According to Advanced Technology And Systems Co.:

Advanced Technology and Systems Co., Ltd. (ADTX) United States office debuts the new DV MasStor Direct Recording Disk (DRD). This product is designed for computer-less recording and play back of digital video in a random access format.

The ADTX DV MasStor uses IEEE 1394 (FireWire) to record digital video onto a removable hard disk cartridge. Because the media is removable, unlimited storage is possible through the use of additional cartridges. Using multiple removable cartridges will also give you the ability to organize projects, to share footage with other DV MasStor users and more.

110 minutes of DV can be recorded onto each vibration and shock resistant cartridge. Once recorded on the hard disk, the footage can be searched or played at variable speeds from a slow motion 1/8, all the way up to a very fast 256 times normal and without the noise associated with tape.

Since the DV MasStor can simultaneously record on its hard disk while a DV camcorder records on its tape, two copies of the footage could be produced and may be used for various purposes including back up.

A LCD panel and VCR-like controls provide access to the features of the DV MasStor. A hard-wired remote control designed for easier recording when connected to a camera is also included.

The DV MasStor is designed by ADTX to run on the lithium ion rechargeable battery pack or the AC adapter, which also acts as the battery charger. The battery pack is removable and allows for more than one to be charged and on hand for longer record times in the field.

"ADTX U.S. will be showing the DV MasStor, as well as our RAID and OEM product lines, during the MacWorld Expo in New York at an off-site Technology Preview," says Naresh Chadha, Vice President of the U.S. and Europe operations for ADTX U.S. "We invite the press and resellers to RSVP for a hands on look."

A Kiosk that will incorporate the DV MasStor and a display in a self-contained unit is under development at ADTX . Details on this will be released during the second half of 2001.

The ADTX DV MasStor system is available for US$2499. You can find more information, in PDF format, at the Advanced Technology and Systems Co. Web site.