New FireWire RAID System Announced

FireWire Direct has announced their second generation FireWire RAID storage system. Including up to eight drive bays per unit, and featuring transfer rates of up to 70MB/second, the new RAID system is perfect for those that need to have access to large amounts of archived data. According to FireWire Direct:, Inc., the first company specializing in and dedicated exclusively to IEEE 1394, FireWire and iLINK peripherals, and the first to ship a FireWire RAID system last year, have announced their second generation FireWire RAID Storage System.

The new FirewireDirect RAID Storage System is an easy to use storage cluster of two, four or eight hard drives, easily software configured for RAID Level 0 and 1 (striping and mirroring) on Macintosh computers, and RAID Level 0 on Windows 2000 systems. It is also the latest in a series of FirewireDirect 1394 storage products to use the powerful and speedy Oxford 911 FireWire chipset.

The Oxford 911 bridge board is featured in a number of FirewireDirect storage products shipped beginning last month, including their ULTRA Series of FireWire hard drives, the Pro Series 16x FireWire CDRW and the recently announced FireWire DVD-RAM drive.

The Oxford board is featured in the FirewireDirect RAID Storage System. Optimized for top performance on multiple channels, users can achieve throughput speeds between 40 and 70MB/s.

The FirewireDirect RAID Storage System is a system of locking hard drive bays. Simply slide a hard drive in and lock it into place. A visual indicator light tells the user each individual drive is on and responding properly. Individual units are easily switched out and connected, and included software makes it easy to configure and manage. All systems come pre-configured in dual-channel two, four and eight drive clusters. Custom setups are also available.

Pricing for the new FireWire RAID arrays begin at US$895. You can find more information at the FireWire Direct Web site.