New FireWire Tape Storage Solution Announced

Imation has announced a new FireWire Travan tape drive and will be showing the new drive at this weekis MACWORLD Expo. The Travan drives use Imationis Travan cartridges with a 20GB capacity. Those cartridges are priced at US$33.99. According to Imation:

Imation Corp. today unveiled its new Imation Travan FireWire 20GB Drive, demonstrating the new product to attendees of Macworld Expo/New York 2000.

A cost-effective data backup and storage tool for users of Power Mac G4, Power Mac G3, PowerBook and iMac DV computers from Apple Computer, Inc., the drive is slated for availability in fourth quarter 2000. The drive will be available from Apple resellers and selected mail order outlets.

"Power Mac G4, Power Mac G3, and iMac DV users generate massive amounts of digital data, and professionals at video and graphic design companies have particularly intensive data management needs," said Stephen Carter, general manager of program development and marketing for Imation Data Storage & Information Management. "This drive extends the reliable, efficient and proven data backup capabilities of Travan technology to millions of Macintosh users - keeping hard disk space clear and archived data safe."

The FireWire interface is one of the fastest peripheral standards and is well suited for use with multimedia peripherals such as video camcorders and other high-speed devices like the latest hard disk drives and printers. The Imation Travan Firewire drive delivers up to 120MB per minute (compressed) transfer rate.

The new drive incorporates a sleek "ice" design to complement Macintosh computers and is bundled with Dantz Retrospect Desktop Backup, one of the best backup software packages available for Macintosh users. The drive works with Imationis widely available and easy-to-use Travan 20GB Cartridges.

You can find more information on the Travan product line at Imationis Web site, though specific information on the FireWire line has not yet been added. The FireWire unit will be priced at US$499. You can stop by Imationis at MACWORLD at booth #1601.