New FireWire Webcam Driver Available For OS X

OrangeWare is now offering a low cost driver for some OS X FireWire Webcam users. The driver will work with all cameras designed around a certain Texas Instruments chip. According to OrangeWare:

Supported web cameras include the Orange Micro iBOT, ADS Pyro WebCam, Vcam IEEE 1394 PC Camera and Aplux 1394 PC Camera. The drivers will support any FireWire Web Cam that uses the Texas Instruments TSB15LV01 chip.

As well as being available for purchase, the driver can be downloaded as free evaluation software, which will operate for five minutes per application. Owners of the Orange Micro iBot can download and use the driver free of charge as that company has already licensed it for use on their product.

The FireWire webcam driver is for OS X versions 10.1 and above and you can find more information about the software at the OrangeWare Web site. The OrangeWare driver is available for US$5.00.