New Fisheye Distortion Remedy Shipping From HumanSoftware

HumanSoftware is shipping a new app for digital imaging, PhotoFixlens 1.0. PhotoFixlens is a plug-in utility designed for correcting distortion images captured with fisheye and wide-angle lenses. The app is compatible with several imaging applications including Photoshop and Elements. According to HumanSoftware:

HumanSoftware is proud to announce PhotoFixlens version 1.0 for Mac OS 9 and X carbon.

Basic Principles

The new PhotoFixlens comes as a filter plug-in compatible with applications supporting Photoshop 5.5 or more plug-in kind such as Photoshop, Elements , Corel PhotoPaint or Jasc PaintShop. PhotoFixlens correct barreling and pin-cushioning lens distortion produced by zoom and wide-angle lenses. This tool is especially handy for digital cameras!

PhotoFixlens offers an advanced user interface with an extra large preview and now an unlimited zooming ability on any portion of the working area. Thanks to its virtual mecanism, users will preview the correction in real time whatever the picture size. PhotoFixlens supports RGB, LAB, CMYK, layers or transparency.

Three sliders will help you to adjust the lens correction for a perfect correction. Any setting may be saved and placed in a library for immediate use on another image.

You can find more information about the PhotoFixlens release at the HumanSoftware Web site. PotoFlixlens is available for US$39.95.