New Game From Casady & Greene

Casady & Greene is now shipping a new game for the Mac. Captain Bumper is an action/arcade game designed to eradicate mindless boredom. The game is geared towards a family audience and features cartoon-style gameplay. According to Casady & Greene:

Casady & Greene has signed a US and Asia publishing and distribution agreement with MacRun Games(TM) for Captain Bumper(TM).

Captain Bumper is an Action/Arcade game "ideal for families in search of thrill seeking family fun!" Ages 6-65 will love the rich colorful graphics and incredible detail. Captain Bumper is currently recommended as a must-have game for Mac users in the Macworld 2001 Holiday Gift Guide and rated 4 1/2 mice.

Captain Bumper is a fun cartoon-style game, with blasting fast animation, specially designed for your Macintosh. The mission is to help the super hero Captain Bumper to free a princess held prisoner on a mysterious planet.

You can find more information about Captain Bumper at the Casady & Greene Web site. Captain Bumper is available for US$29.95.