New Gaming Company Releases New Game

A new Mac gaming house, Cosmologik, has released a new "space fighter" style game, A60 Rescue Mission. The new game puts users at the controls of a ship that must protect human issued probes. The game includes a new physics engine that Cosmologik claims adds to the realism of the game. According to Cosmologik:

Cosmologik, a new player in the computer entertainment world, today announces A60 Rescue Mission, itis first game for the Macintosh.

In A60 Rescue Mission, the player takes control of a futuristic space craft and must protect the probes, sent by the humans on distant planet, for exploration purpose. The use of a powerful physics engine, also built by Cosmologik, tremendously adds to the realism of movements for the objects within their environment.

"One of the greatest interest of A60 Rescue Mission comes from the simulation of natural physic weire using.", said Mr. David Chabot, co-president and lead programmer at Cosmologik. "There is no predefined movement in A60 Rescue Mission, everything is controlled by forces and torques like those in nature. The gravity, the friction, the speed of the objects, their weight or the detection of collisions between them are all handled in real time by the physics engine."

A60 Rescue Mission is available for US$25. You can find more information at the Cosmologik Web site.