New Gigabit Ethernet Hardware Released

Asanté Technologies and National Semiconductor have announced the preview of the next generation of 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit adapters at Comdex in booth L3005. The new technology integrates copper, and promises to make the high-speed data connection more affordable. According to Asant?:

Asanté and National Semiconductor have joined forces to break new ground with the GigaNIX adapters. "We are pleased that Nationalis unique Gigabit Ethernet connectivity solution has Asanté to deliver their products at an affordable price," said Gobi R. Padmanabhan, Senior Vice President of Network Products group at National Semiconductor.

With the GigaNIX adapter, entire workgroup teams will find that Gigabit on every desktop is now an affordable reality. The GigaNIX adapter completes Asantéis Gigabit Ethernet line - which includes GX4 switches priced at US$300 per Gigabit port. The GigaNIX will connect high performance servers and workstations to send multi-gigabyte files at the fastest possible speeds. Users can now share data, voice and video without waiting on the network. The GigNIX adapter is ideal for both network servers and high performance workstations.

The GigaNIX adapter is the synthesis of leading edge innovations including 0.18-micron process technologies, advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and streamlined software design. As a result the GigaNIX adapter is a generation ahead with these features:

  • Active link quality monitor continuously adapts to actual cable conditions by managing signal quality. Automatic gain control ensures that data travels the longest distances with maximum signal quality and data integrity. The GigaNIX adapter has the ability to instantly correct for most wiring errors (crossover, swapped pairs, and reverse polarity).
  • Real-time performance monitoring is easy with Asantéis LAN Inspector application, which simplifies the task of monitoring the Windows computers on a network. From any remote location, a browser can be used to quickly display important system, network and user information.
  • Supports advanced features like IPv4 checksum, jumbo packets, and VLAN.

The FriendlyNET GigaNIX 1000TA will be available in December 2000 for US$249. You can find more information about it at Asantéis Web site.