New GoLive Resource Changes Addresses

The recently introduced GoLive message board has undergone some growing pains, and has moved to a new location. The new board is a resource for Adobe GoLive users to get and post information about the professional level web site builder. According to Mac premium Media:

GoLive Problems Message Board has a new address. Because of some technical difficulties, we have had to change the service provider of our Message Board, we invite all the numerous readers to visit the message Board at the new address, which is:

Mac premium Media has put online a new forum on Adobe GoLive. The message board is titled GoLive Problems. This is a message board where visitors can leave messages and other visitors may reply to these messages. If you should encounter a problem or odd occurrence when using your Adobe GoLive, you can use this message board to learn what the problem is and how it can be solved.

You can find more information at the GoLive Message Board web site.